Me Rambling

Posted: June 16, 2010 by Marya in Marya's thoughts
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Fate. Let’s face the fact.This is not a fair world.

Life gets so much easier if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

You will be the happiest kid around.

If not happiest, at least you have one less major thing to worry about.

Let’s look at the contrast:

For example, you get to sleep on your most comfy bed in your own room with your own Tickle-me Elmo or Emo,

you can pay to join some Golf at some posh club for your extra-curriculum activities,

say you want that nice sleek nice latest 80GB i-pod and that Blackberry or Raspberry,

go shopping for clothes(not window shop), never mind about how much money you can afford, because you can! Just a swipe of that VISA and your hands will be on that Tiffany bracelet or LV bag.Just see what do you like, just worry about what is your taste?is the colour striking to bring out your nice fair skin tone?

If hungry, we can rest our tired feet at Tetsu restaurant.My, they serve amazing large succulent US Ribeye steak cooked to perfection on a grill drenched in black pepper sauce, with baked potatoes and vegetables on the side. Later, let’s shop some more, drop by that Spectacle shop for that Rayban sunglasses you saw just now(not eyeing the whole week and trying to save up for it), hmm,all that shopping is so tiring, we can go for Javanese Massage at Amara spa, and let’s not forgetting Dashing Diva for the Diva-licious Manicure. And that Swarovski crystal earrings for cousin’s wedding next week.

Thinking about which nice music to download, daydreaming about Justin again.

Perhaps you can start to envision your own paradise by now.

Why do i know that? I see rich kids every day.Their dads drive them to school in a nice car and is the director of IBM.

For me, as a student, worry about whether i can pay my next school fees, wonder if i will need to “recycle” my leftover

pocket money for the next day.I can’t get sick if not i got to have MC.Unfair!

Frankly, I’ve always been a very head-in-the-clouds, sorry-what-are-you-saying-just -now sort of girl who daydreams about my superhero everyday.He will come from the skies,though not necessarily with an underwear outside, the most handsome most kind-hearted, considerate, 100 percent perfect guy. It doesn’t matter if he is prince or pauper.At least in my philosophy or in my opinion, as long as he is a guy who is kind-hearted and average looking, he will still steal away my heart.

Now i start to think of life a little differently, it isn’t about which handsome guy or average guy with a big heart anymore or those lovely off-shoulder tops which catches my fancy. Now it is all about how much dough i am going to bring in. This is reality.

If fate arrange for us to be poor, we will get stuck in the vicious cycle if we don’t wake up.

Yes, life is unfair. So what? Try to change it! Go learn whatever it takes to be there. Financial freedom is all that matters.

Why? We can’t BEGIN LIVING if we are so trapped with all the money thing!

If you think life is unfair, you got to do something! I’m still figuring out a way though.Well…


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