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Tuesday June 22nd 2010

Posted: June 22, 2010 by Marya in Quote of the day
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When life’s road has pot holes and speed bumps… It makes you a better driver.

One more


You always want what you can’t have… And can’t have what you want.


Life eh!!!


I have been battling with the bad habit of smoking.. I just love the taste and feel of the smoke when you take a drag.. This day two on the new smoke free me… I always said I am gonna quit but always had a reason why I didn’t want to.. But since I am working out and I need to breathe good, This is the best time ever to get it done.. I hope to be smoke free really soon….

So I yesturday was a lil cardio day for me.. I liked it enjoyed it and I can feel that I worked out on my body.. Yay I did one full workout.. I am proud of myself .. So I decided today will be a lil change also Just going to go through some one workouts I hear people say they enjoy the most.. Then I get back in order and do it from phase one.. Kenpo it is for todays workout.. Looks fun and I hope I can keep up or do my best through the whole workout.. Will update later.. I am not great at all the workouts but I do my fn best and one day I will breeze through them all 🙂 .. Be healthy and happy.. I will push play everyday til I get where I wanna be….