Life’s Regrets

Posted: July 9, 2010 by Marya in Marya's thoughts
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Okay, so I’ve been thinking today about all the things that people do then regret – including my past self.

I just want to say to all my friends and anyone who may actually read this, that I’m about to get on the ‘soapbox’ for a minute or two.

First off, regrets are useless.  Yes, it’s okay to feel bad about something you do.  I’m not saying don’t feel bad about it.  I’m also not saying not to try to put it to rights.  I’m just saying not to let regrets rule your life.

Next off, learn from your mistakes.  It’s hard to regret something if you can turn it into a learning experience.  Go out, figure out what was wrong and why, and decide how to not let it happen again.

Finally, move off of the mistake.  Try to make it right.  If the other party doesn’t want to accept it, then they probably don’t deserve your company anyways. 

In all this, please understand that making mistakes is human.  I’m obviously not perfect and have made a BUTTLOAD of mistakes in the past.  But, I am realizing that those mistakes, and how I’ve handled them have made me into the person I am today.

I am now stepping off my ‘soapbox’ but I just wanted to say all this for anyone who cares.

I’d just like to thank everyone for allowing me to stand on the ‘box’, and Mom for helping me understand this and my potential.


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