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Live divine

Posted: July 12, 2010 by Marya in Poems
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Swing your hips to the song in your head

Toss aside the curious looks thrown at you

Bear a smile on that sweet face instead

Pay them no mind if they don’t like what you do

Stop questioning how you look each day

Put on your comfy pair of faded denim

There are no fashion rules to obey

No need to stress about looking very slim

Laugh without the restraint in your voice

Throw your arms wide and embrace the sunshine

How you live life is always your choice

Continue in this way you will live divine

I was currently reading a blog on someones page, this person was basically telling her feelings as so many ppl on here do.  But this persons desire of affection apparently didnt notice her.   I found it funny not because of that reason, but i began to think.  We are always wanting what we cannot have, to attain what we cannot reach.  While there are so many who look at us as the one who cannot be attained.  While we struggle to get that perfect guy/girl there are ppl out there that are are trying to get us the same way.  We dont even notice most of the time that ppl may look at us as the unattainable. 

So why is it, that our human nature is always struggling to find something better?  When there are ppl who care about us right in front of our eyes, yet we wont open them to see.  Everyone has someone in there shadows that desperately wants to be with them, yet most of us are too busy with are heads in the clouds to notice what could possibly be reaching out to us looking for love. 

Thats why we will go on wanting what we cant have, needing what we want, and looking in the wrong places for the wrong reasons.  So all those who read this remember that when you have a crush on someone and you are focused on just them, that there are others out there who may feel the same way torwards you.

Monday July 12th 2010

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The only life lesson you need to learn: Take risks. Everything will fall into place afterwards.

Tearz from a pen

Posted: July 12, 2010 by Marya in Poems
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Tearz from a pen
come from the pain with in
broken heart stolen dreams
losin your cream
everything you worked for
makes you not wanna live no more
too much srffering too much pain
tearz from a pen
cause it’ll neva come from my face again