Celebrities and The News

Posted: July 21, 2010 by Marya in Marya's thoughts
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I used to think being a celebrity would be wonderful. People recognize you wherever you go, you’d never have to worry about money and life would get just about as great as one could imagine. So why is everyone ending up in prison or getting in trouble with the law?

George Micheal from Wham crashed into a building, Lindsey Lohan is doing three months for violating her probation, some Ferris Bueller actor got caught with kiddie porn and Paris Hilton got busted again for having weed in South Africa. WTF is wrong with these people? They should be living lavishly not drifting in and out of court because of their half-wit behavior. Celebrities seem to be about as sharp as a bag of used tampons.

Holy Frig! Guns are now allowed in churches in Louisianna. Governor Bobby Jindal signed the bill. Whatever happened to, “thou shalt not kill?” Or, “turn the other cheek?” I guess that commandment just got thrown out the window. The scary part is that pastors are welcoming this atrocity. Church is supposed to be a place of non-violence, a temple of prayer and refuge.
“I’m sorry, Pastor Ass-ass-inate. I forgot to tithe.”
“BAMMMMMMMMMMM. Straight to hell, heathen.”
Honestly, folks. If the world is so bad that you can’t go outside without a gun, stay home.
People need to communicate better. I know, let’s all buy iPhones that we can’t hold or use. Ha-ha!
I wonder why the heck lottery tickets are getting so expensive? It costs five dollars per line–six with encore–for the Canadian Lotto Max now. Remember when it only cost a buck? The most I’ve ever won is a free ticket. Whipee do-do.

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