#2-Find Your Self Love first… then You Will Find Your Soulmate…. Continue…

Posted: July 21, 2010 by Marya in Marya's thoughts
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Self love requires Confidence, Like, Esteem, Acceptance and Respect for the person YOU are – for your SELF. The word CLEAR becomes apparent in the search for self-love and is the key to becoming whole and to finding your soul mate too.

C = confidence
L = like
E = esteem
A = acceptance
R = Respect

Let’s examine what’s required to meet each of these conditions:

1.Confidence requires trust, faith, reliance, assurance and belief in your own abilities.
2.Like requires that you are pleased with and enjoy being the person you are.
3.Esteem requires that you consider your own opinion and course in life as valuable.
4.Acceptance requires that you continually approve of and believe in who you are.
5.Respect requires paying close attention to how you feel and regarding your own needs. You respect your “self” when you can ‘look back’ on your words, actions, and deeds and know that you have acted with integrity.
Please note the words EAR and REAL can be made out of the letters in the word CLEAR. These three words: clear, ear and real light the path for how to achieve self-love. The practice of being CLEAR and REAL and using your inner EAR to hear is all that’s needed to find self love and the love of a soul mate.

Let’s review each of these words as applied to the self:

CLEAR shares a root with ‘claim, declare, call out and counsel’.  Today it translates as being ‘transparent, easily seen or heard, not obscure, open, obvious, certain’ and also ‘free from guilt, free from debt, free from obstruction, free from impurities, innocence‘.  To be clear you must not HIDE anything when declaring or making a claim.  Implied by definition, you are innocent when speaking openly and honestly about WHATEVER you feel inside… no matter what it is.

REAL is translated as ‘existing as or in fact, actual, true, genuine, authentic, honest, free from deceit‘.  To be real, you must not lie, wear masks, play roles or say anything other than what you truly feel in your heart.

EAR comes from ‘perception, perceive.’  ‘Perceive’ and ‘ear’ share the same root meaning, ‘to take hold of,  feel, comprehend, to grasp mentally, recognize, observe, be aware of.’  The HEART, besides being a vital muscle, is defined as being the ‘inner most feelings or passion.’  It is said to be the residing place of the soul, the guiding voice of the self… which can only be ‘perceived’ with the inner ear, thus it is fitting HEART contains the words ‘ear’ and ‘hear’. 

Inner hearing is awareness of how your heart feels. The Rumanian word for ‘heart’ inima, comes from the Latin anima, meaning ‘soul‘.  Everyone has heard the idioms, ‘heart to heart talk’, ‘follow your heart’, ‘listen to your heart’, and ’speak from the heart’.  Heart is also connected etymologically and is interchangeable with the word courage.

To be CLEAR you must have the courage to be REAL and to follow your heart (soul) wherever it may lead!  This is how you will find your soul mate and your –self  love.  You must make being CLEAR your moral code of conduct.

1.Before speaking or acting, first stop and consider how you really feel… HEAR the deepest messages of your HEART (soul) with your inner EAR.
2.Have the courage to be honest, to stand by your heart’s desire in word and deed. Do what you feel is RIGHT for you, regardless of what you fear the outcome might be.
True Soulmates are partners who are CLEAR with one another at all times.  This is because they allow each other the space and freedom to be REAL.  Soul mates do not place expectations on each other to fulfill one another’s ideal of what they think love should be. 

Remain committed to you first and to being the person you REALLY are – to making the person you present to the world the same person you are on the inside – and you will eventually draw your soul mate into your life… another genuine person like who you have become.

REALITY CHECK: Are you being CLEAR with prospective partners, or are you playing roles and wearing masks that hide your true self? Are you afraid you will not be accepted for who you really are?  Are you looking for someone to fulfill your expectations of what you think love should be?

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