Grr Allergies

Posted: July 24, 2010 by Marya in Marya's day to day life
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My allergies are very bad this year. I bet the stock went up on Benadryl because I’m gulping them down like Smarties. It’s not so attractive when everything on my nut flairs up. Everything goes blury and itchy like somebody is tickling my face with a feather. My eyes look like two mating blowfish and my nose echos like a croaking moose. Yeah, sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Ha-ha!
Folks, have you ever been browsing on the web and then sneeze? Ugh! It happens without warning. My body jerks forward and the mouse clicks on shite I never mean’t to click on. I have to waste minutes of my time getting back to what I wanted to view. It drives me insane.
The heat and smog doesn’t help matters, either.
This hot weather makes people mean and cranky. OMG! Some people should just stay in air conditioning-if you know what I mean. They get as dim-witted as a paramecium. Honestly, either they’ve been huffing Draino or stuck their tongue in a light socket one too many times.
I’m staying inside away from the pollen, mold and arseholes. At least until the air quality gets better, anyway. (Ha, that’s kind of pun-ny).

Do you suffer from allergies?


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