I haven’t been well and it has definitely made me more attuned to the idiotic things people do.

Posted: November 25, 2010 by Marya in Marya's day to day life, Marya's thoughts
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I went for a walk around moms house, I crossed a couple of male high school, neanderthal-oafs. One of them forcably sucked a big wad of mucus into his throat, spewing it right in front of where I have to walk.

Oh my gawd! What a clueless, disgusting twit. What ever happened to manners, especially around a lady? (Any cheeky remarks and I’ll have you).

I pointed at the frothy puddle on the sidewalk and my eyes widened. “You’re so ignorant,” I barked.

He looked at me dumbfounded. Absolutely clueless. He reminded me of a bobble-head.

I walked directly behind him. Gee, I dunno. Why wouldn’t I want to trudge through a big wod of viral, greenish-slimy spittle? If the wind blew any harder it could have whipped me in the eye.

These kids are the future of our country? It just goes to prove that books smarts does not equal common sense. They aren’t just lacking, it’s non-existant.

I wish they’d pull up their effin’ droopy drawers while they’re at it. I don’t understand the school system. The Catholic school board makes students wear a uniform but it’s okay to wear the pants half-way down their ass so you can see their crack? Talk about Charlie Chaplin fashion.

In Canada when I was a student, if I didn’t wear my uniform pants properly the teachers were more than happy to help me pull them up whilst administering a good, stiff smack to the back of my noggin.

I’m moving to my happy place where no teenagers are allowed.


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