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diving headfirst into words
as the midnight air curls around
and tickles my toes
blushing at his thoughts

I am carried into his bed
lying there now as his words are
now whispered

hands touching

fingers touching lips….speechless
to the neck….breathless
eyes never leaving mine
fingers dancing across fields of heated nerves until
the sweetness that I hold for him
is found

sensations take over
rubbing circles around and around
body shaking (yes, right there)
moaning (wanting to cry out)

looking in eyes with feverish passion
while these eyes open and close
my hand finds his
(maybe he will slow down)

faster …
more pressure…
eyes still on me
body losing control…
sheets intertwined between fingers and toes
kissing me …
more circles (maybe cylinders)

moans entering his mouth ..
and they must be sweet and he can’t get

letting go
arching the back
breathing hard yet hardly breathing
legs weak
hands limp

eyes opening
only to find a flashing screen
of heated letters

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Saturday Dec 4th 2010

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I am the way I am, I will never change, you’ll love me or hate me, but I will always be me.