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I have to dig myself out from a giant snow storm this morning and another one is on its way. I wish I could pee my name in the snow but I think I’d get a few stares from the neighbors. Perhaps even a police visit. What do they mean by indecent, anyway? I call it exercise, or….talent. Ha-ha!

i was walking home one night, when i saw a beautiful star shining brightly. It was so beautiful that i cant take my eyes off it. not anight passed that i did not take a look and marvel at its beauty. so beautiful that i wanted go near and touch. then finally i had money toget myself a telescope. i got so excited that a rushed home. as i set it up. i looked up, and the star was gone. it made me sad. it made me burst into tears. i wanted to give it a name, but i learned that some body already named it. then as i was about to get off my rooftop. i looked up one last time. and there it was. the star. was just covered in star was there all along.

This was a free write activity my friend and I had done the evening of the 31st… enjoy? I wonder if MAC has more than just a 100 piece eye shadow palette with more color choices than they had available last week. Oh, I bet Urban Decay has a new promotion pack for some primer and stack and a half of lip gloss! I just can’t wear the Smashbox cream powder anymore because it makes my skin break out, but I’ll still recommend it to people who aren’t nearly as savvy as me about cosmetics. Hmmm, should I wear the liquid eye liner today or wait, none; I’ll just wear a boat load of mascara! How many different color eye shadows can I wear at once, maybe four of five? Oh girl, you could totally pull off wearing that black or any dark eye shadow, even bright colors! Let’s see, I have at least 100 different shades of lip color and I still can’t find one that I want to wear. Maybe I’ll just mix a few colors together and slather it on really thick and shiny, after all, I’m ME. Make up is so very important to me; I can’t think of a time that I haven’t worn it. I need the mask to survive in any public place and maybe I’ll catch some looks from potential men.

I listened to a radio show on my way to work this morning. Every day they do a contest to win merchandise. The topic chosen? 1970’s sitcoms. The station hosts played theme music and a contestant who called in had to guess the matching television program. Of course they didn’t guess correctly and I found myself yelling at the stereo system like a raving lunatic. “WELCOME BACK KOTTER, you freakin’ toe sock smelling idiot.” Did they have a banana bike shoved up their arse blocking out their brain waves? Crap! They missed an easy win. How dare that person not be brainwashed like the rest of us.

It’s been raining like a rhino pissin’ on a flat rock which makes my arm ache. I felt so much pain at work yesterday I almost quit my job. Then I noticed I got a Christmas bonus on my pay stub. That gave me a whole new – higher – pain tollerance. Ha -ha. Luckily, I finally got the phone call I’ve been waiting for today. I’m scheduled for an MRI next Wednesday at 9PM. Murphy defying miracles do happen.

I’m willing to share some life skills with y’all. Think before you do the crass, brainless shite you do. If somebody talks to you, don’t walk away while they are still speaking. I don’t care how rushed you think you are. Don’t be such an ignorant piece of whale skitter. Will it kill you to stop for two seconds and respond instead of making the person yell so you can hear them? I swear, I think most people reach in and get their manners out of a effin’ dunce cap.

I write these blogs to share my feelings with you. After all, it’s cheaper than therapy.   If you love my blogs leave your kudo and John Doe, below.

Seriously, get out of the Cracker Jack and learn the rules of the road.

When the Crossing Guard has his stop sign out it means stop. Stop you effin’ freaks! It doesn’t mean you step on your gas, go through his stop sign or hit him with your vehicle.

If I am in my vehicle and stop to let somebody cross, it doesn’t mean you zoom around me and hit a child. I’m stopped for a reason. Use your neanderthal-laden brain.

This is how you avoid killing me and others in the morning:

1. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep.

2. Lay out your clothing the night before so you know what you’re going to wear.

3. Shower the night before so you aren’t in such a rush.

4. Always put your keys in the same place so that you aren’t scrambling to find them in the morning.

5. Put your children’s homework in a designated place.

6. Give yourself enough time to get to your destination.

When it’s my time to die and God comes to collect me I don’t want to be wrapped around your car’s grill, a bloody mess. Call me crazy, but I don’t like pain.

Wake the hell up in the morning. Stop running on zombie mode. I don’t care if you have to drink a vat of coffee or use Fred Flinstone toothpicks on your lids. Punch yourself in the face, whatever it takes.

Why is it that I seem to be able to get to work on time but you can’t? Do you have to be so obnoxious behind the wheel? Have a little respect. We might be protecting your child or grandchild.

This has been a public service announcement.

I went for a walk around moms house, I crossed a couple of male high school, neanderthal-oafs. One of them forcably sucked a big wad of mucus into his throat, spewing it right in front of where I have to walk.

Oh my gawd! What a clueless, disgusting twit. What ever happened to manners, especially around a lady? (Any cheeky remarks and I’ll have you).

I pointed at the frothy puddle on the sidewalk and my eyes widened. “You’re so ignorant,” I barked.

He looked at me dumbfounded. Absolutely clueless. He reminded me of a bobble-head.

I walked directly behind him. Gee, I dunno. Why wouldn’t I want to trudge through a big wod of viral, greenish-slimy spittle? If the wind blew any harder it could have whipped me in the eye.

These kids are the future of our country? It just goes to prove that books smarts does not equal common sense. They aren’t just lacking, it’s non-existant.

I wish they’d pull up their effin’ droopy drawers while they’re at it. I don’t understand the school system. The Catholic school board makes students wear a uniform but it’s okay to wear the pants half-way down their ass so you can see their crack? Talk about Charlie Chaplin fashion.

In Canada when I was a student, if I didn’t wear my uniform pants properly the teachers were more than happy to help me pull them up whilst administering a good, stiff smack to the back of my noggin.

I’m moving to my happy place where no teenagers are allowed.

Time to get back in shape again.. Day one after not doing any kind of workout in months…

Cardio X today.. Wish me luck I need it….

I hope I keep this up this time IDK if any of you have reset yourself as much as me… I am tired of it.

Fruit Flies

Posted: November 25, 2010 by Marya in Marya's day to day life
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Those damn fruit flies.

I had a couple of banana peels in my recycling and it turned into a fruit fly motel.

OMG! They are driving me insane. They even made their way to the den and keep flying all around me.

I tried to wack one out of my face and BAMM! I smashed my fingers against a wall. Ouch!

I came at them like a crazy woman with a can of Raid. I don’t care if It almost fried my nervous system from the fumes, those suckers are going to DIE!

I thought they were gone until I came  to go on the computer and opened a can of grape pop. Holy Crap! They came swooping at me like flies to shite. I keep trying to squash them but they fly too fast, the bastards!

I don’t know how they were created but I am going to send them back to the abyss from whence they came.

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Friends

Posted: November 24, 2010 by Marya in Marya's day to day life
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I am back… And ready to blog everyday and reclaim all I lost by being gone..

I promise to post a poem day as I have in the past, and what ever else hits me at the time..