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Walmart in the USA has a new product they are launching aimed at young girls from the ages of eight to twelve. It’s a makeup line called, Geo-Girl. Anti-aging products, foundation, lipstick, blusher, nail polish, and the list goes on. There will be sixty-nine products in all available on their shelves Feb 21st.

Eight year olds? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

It’s not aimed for dress up. The head executives have stated that it will replace the Mary Kay and Ashley makeup and that they are selling this to children to create future consumers and to turn a profit.

They actually admit it? What f**king slime balls.

Parents should not stand for this and boycott them if they market this to eight year olds. It’s bad enough that young girls all ready have body image issues and this is going to make matters worse. Why is society making our kids feel like they need this crap? Children do NOT need anti-aging makeup. They aren’t even teenagers yet. It’s disgusting! What’s next? They are sexualizing our children.

Is this acceptable to you?

It’s bad enough that a large percentage of Walmart’s clothing is made by children in third world countries, now this?

It makes me so angry that people get all bent out of shape over animal cruelty but when it comes to something important pertaining to our own children people turn a blind eye.

It hasn’t come to Canada yet and I hope it never does.


I went for a walk around moms house, I crossed a couple of male high school, neanderthal-oafs. One of them forcably sucked a big wad of mucus into his throat, spewing it right in front of where I have to walk.

Oh my gawd! What a clueless, disgusting twit. What ever happened to manners, especially around a lady? (Any cheeky remarks and I’ll have you).

I pointed at the frothy puddle on the sidewalk and my eyes widened. “You’re so ignorant,” I barked.

He looked at me dumbfounded. Absolutely clueless. He reminded me of a bobble-head.

I walked directly behind him. Gee, I dunno. Why wouldn’t I want to trudge through a big wod of viral, greenish-slimy spittle? If the wind blew any harder it could have whipped me in the eye.

These kids are the future of our country? It just goes to prove that books smarts does not equal common sense. They aren’t just lacking, it’s non-existant.

I wish they’d pull up their effin’ droopy drawers while they’re at it. I don’t understand the school system. The Catholic school board makes students wear a uniform but it’s okay to wear the pants half-way down their ass so you can see their crack? Talk about Charlie Chaplin fashion.

In Canada when I was a student, if I didn’t wear my uniform pants properly the teachers were more than happy to help me pull them up whilst administering a good, stiff smack to the back of my noggin.

I’m moving to my happy place where no teenagers are allowed.

Man likes to think he’s so smart but in reality we are all just a bunch of raving, barbaric lunatics. BP should stand for Bloody Pathetic. All the most brilliant engineers in the world and they can’t even plug a damn hole. Ha! Tragically, the animals of the planet are always the ones to suffer. I don’t even like watching the news anymore. I just don’t want to see all the atrocities.
Between the new HST in Canada and half-wits ruining the planet, I feel sorry for the young people of today who really don’t have any say into what’s going on at all. Children should be seen but not heard. Unfortunally they are the one’s of the future who will have to deal with all the destruction. No wonder they are so depressed. Can you blame them? Antidepressants are making the pharmaceutical companies as rich as hogs.
I heard on the news yesterday that this new HST is going to be hitting home owners terribly and gas prices will go up again. Yeah, like that’s any surprise. As if it isn’t hard enough for young couples to make it and stay together.The government’s kick in the stomach isn’t helping matters any. Good people are losing their jobs and the divorce rate is the highest it has ever been.
God must be turning in his heavenly bed. No matter what your belief whether it be you reap what you sow, karma, or what goes around comes around, everything we do and say in our lifetime is recordered by a cosmic accountant. An equal reaction to the choices we make is going to hit us smack in the gluttonous arse. It’s coming, and it’s not going to be pretty.


I went to the local Blockbuster video store with a friend to rent a video game a few days ago. We made our selection and then headed toward the cashier to pay for it. Standing in a long lineup isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world but it’s even worse when you have a troublemaker lurking directly ahead of you in line.

We eventually inched our way closer to the register. The girl behind the counter smiled at the man standing in front of me revealing a mouth full of shiny, metal braces.

Bloody hell! I felt like somebody transported me into an old James Bond movie. Could this be the girlfriend of Jaws? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I’ll tell ya, this girl had ten foot pole marks all over her.

“There’s a three dollar late fee on your last movie,” the girl informed the man.

“Nobody told me about paying any late fees,” he whined. “I’m not paying it.”

“Sir, you have to pay the late fee or you cannot rent another movie. Those are the rules,” she explained.

The man’s face turned flush and he almost bit her head off. “I don’t need to listen to you, you’re a woman.”

My teeth clenched. I swear to gawd, when he said that it took every ounce of restraint within me to prevent myself from knockin’ the shit out of him. I wanted to flee, or curl up inside, I’m not sure which.

Honestly, the foul verbiage and bad attitude coming from this guy could make a preacher cuss. The poor girl didn’t know what to say. She excused herself, came out from behind the counter and then went through a door located at the back of the store.

A few minutes later this huge lady with bulging Fred Flintstone eyeballs comes barreling out from one of the offices as angry as a mule chewing on bumblebees. She introduced herself as the store manager.

“Sir, you have a late fee on your account that must be paid before you can rent any more movies.”

“Nobody told me about any late fees. I’m not paying it,” he repeated nastily.

The poor lady looked like she wanted to string him up by the toenails. “Look, if you don’t pay the fee I will ban you, sir. Not just from this store but from all the Blockbuster stores in Canada.”

Well, then the guy got really vicious and started making derogatory comments about women again. The lady tried to reason with him, but it was like talkin’ to a rock. She picked up the phone and started to dial for the police.

Obviously, this guy had no idea that it’s extremely dangerous to scorn Canadian women.

“For God sakes, I’ll pay the three dollar fee,” another man bellowed from behind me, and slapped three dollars on the counter. “I’ll do anything to get this freakin’ line moving.”

Thank goodness! The dim-wit seemed happy with this arrangement and then finally left the store.

Good riddance to the blockhead!

Riding my bike today some guy almost hit me with his car. Of course, the thickheaded dumb-ass sat there yapping on his cell phone which was outlawed in Canada. He wasn’t even looking at the road.

I started yelling at him and he waved his hand in the air at me as if to say, hey lady, you’re disturbing my call. He didn’t even get off the bloody thing he just continued talking and drove away. The freakin’ nerve! He had no concern in the world for my safety at all. A little slow on the uptake, I’d say.

I could have spit bullets he made me so angry. It got me thinking. I wish I had control of the laws of the land. Remember those foam Nerf bats that came out a few years ago? Well, I’d legalize them.

Yeah, that’s right folks. Any further stupidity from half-wits and they’d get pummeled up side the head. I’d just knock the shit out of them. How many people do you know need a good biff on the head?

I’d turn into the Mega Marya. Hand out Nerf bats to all my Maryamafia  gang members. (That’s you). Yeah, I might even form an Italian accent, get a gold tooth and fix up my Grand Prix.

Nobody would dare come near me and do anything moronic or they’d get whacked. Oh, I’d make it completely humane, though. I’d be like your local animal shelter. Only no kill whackings permitted.

I am so tired of idiots. It’s turning into a epidemic.