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Riding my bike today some guy almost hit me with his car. Of course, the thickheaded dumb-ass sat there yapping on his cell phone which was outlawed in Canada. He wasn’t even looking at the road.

I started yelling at him and he waved his hand in the air at me as if to say, hey lady, you’re disturbing my call. He didn’t even get off the bloody thing he just continued talking and drove away. The freakin’ nerve! He had no concern in the world for my safety at all. A little slow on the uptake, I’d say.

I could have spit bullets he made me so angry. It got me thinking. I wish I had control of the laws of the land. Remember those foam Nerf bats that came out a few years ago? Well, I’d legalize them.

Yeah, that’s right folks. Any further stupidity from half-wits and they’d get pummeled up side the head. I’d just knock the shit out of them. How many people do you know need a good biff on the head?

I’d turn into the Mega Marya. Hand out Nerf bats to all my Maryamafia  gang members. (That’s you). Yeah, I might even form an Italian accent, get a gold tooth and fix up my Grand Prix.

Nobody would dare come near me and do anything moronic or they’d get whacked. Oh, I’d make it completely humane, though. I’d be like your local animal shelter. Only no kill whackings permitted.

I am so tired of idiots. It’s turning into a epidemic.