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I hate to say it, but yeah, I’m getting bored. So bored in fact that I played a little game during my day.

I brought out a little note pad. I viewed every driver in their vehicle who passed me. I opened two categories.

1) Ugly people
2) Good looking people

Of course the results are totally biased, but here are the calculations.

Ugly people: fourty-six
Good looking people: twenty-seven
Tinted windows, (unable to calculate) : six

One guy almost snapped his head off looking around to see what I wrote. LOL!

This is similar to a game I played in highschool with my friends when we got bored except we viewed people’s noses. Of course, it sent us all into hysterics and we got kicked out of class many times. Ha-ha!

Time to get back in shape again.. Day one after not doing any kind of workout in months…

Cardio X today.. Wish me luck I need it….

I hope I keep this up this time IDK if any of you have reset yourself as much as me… I am tired of it.

I don’t know why this is but every time I make a conscious decision to be a better person and try harder to walk in the light somebody purposely does something to bug the hell out of me. They come out of nowhere like swarms of locusts. I think I need a big can of Raid.
A few controversial issues have been looming in my mind lately one of which is vegetables versus animal meat.
I wouldn’t mind being a vegetarian but the truth is folks, I’m a carnivorous beast. If dinosaurs were still alive I’d be the tyrannosaurus rex taking bites out of y’all. I mean, would you go up to a lion in the wild and say, “you don’t really want to eat that juicy gazelle do you? Here, eat a carrot.” I don’t think it would go over very well.
Animals aren’t handled humanely anymore and that’s a real problem. I have some friends who are Vegan on here and honestly I can’t even stand to look at their pages the images of animal cruelty are so horrific. It’s my biggest dilemma. I admit it bothers the hell out of me but why do animals have to be so damn tasty?
What about the eating of vegetables is it any better? There’s been scientific testing shown to prove that vegetable and all plant life lets out an ultra-sonic scream when you pick it. That is a form of intelligence. Just because it doesn’t have a face doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have any rights. They scream like mad for help. How many defenseless plants do we eat each and every day and how far can one really take this? Life is life.
Sheesh! If I analyzed everything I did I’d have to live in a plastic bubble. Ha-ha! Maybe I do.
If there are any Vegans reading this throw a few good recipes my way.
What are your views on this issue? (Be polite, I realize this is controversial). Your comments are appreciated.

A super fit girl I know walked by me today with a purple mat in her hand.   “Hi. What’s that for?” I asked.   “It’s a yoga mat,” she replied. “Do you do yoga?”   I raised my eyebrows. “About as close I get to yoga is yogurt, “I answered sarcastically. “Ummm-ummmm-mmmmm,” I chanted. “Yup, it’s delicious bacteria. It’s how I keep myself in good form and…er, regular.”   Her eyes grew wide then she shrugged her shoulders and walked away.   As you can see, even though I haven’t been around that much my cheeky self is still in tact.  I’ve been relaxing and spending time with my family and Justin this summer. I’m about ready to drive my mother mad in the head crunching popsicles in her ear hole. Other than that everything’s about as great as a barrel full of deep fried monkeys.   What are you up to this summer? Come on, out with it!

Today is Kempo and Cardio X ,, Woke up jogged a lil bit.. Then went in the pool and did laps..  So now its time for a real workout.. Will blog about it later…

Today was ab ripper day and cardio x. Must say I really do enjoy yoga and a good cardio workout. I didn’t do the whole workout tho I broke down into two lil workouts seeing that I was in the pool half  the day counts  as exercise I was told anyways so yeah.. I didn’t have a smoke all day yay.. I found todays workout to more easy than has been I must say.. I can’t wait til the end of the month when I take new pics and see if there has been any change.. I don’t expect a big one just a lil something to show me I am doing it right eh..

Sorry I havent blog much about my workout.. Today was some more Cardio X, I worked out on the Row Machine and Rode the bike and went swimming.. I need to catch up on a few slack days from working out.. I Still have a smoke a day 😦  That is harder than the working out.. Its fn boring being the only one working out.. Justin said he would do with me when he had free afternoons. But doubt that will be anytime soon eh..  But as the  days go by I will get better at the whole workout and not worried about doing it by myself.. Tomorrow I hope to start off with something I havent done yet.. Hope fully it’s a better workout day for me too. My body feels it more now too.. But I notice I am a lot more happy on the days I workout and more hyper.. So it must be doing something right.. Bye for now