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My mood is like a cloudy noon
Waiting for the sun,
Or like a sailing ship that can’t
Set sail without the tide.

I fidget in my emptiness,
Not knowing where to run;
Yet when you’re near I can’t explain
What’s going on inside.

It’s too bad feelings swim so deep,
Too deep for anyone
To grasp them as they squiggle through
And take them for a ride.

You whisper into my ear
Sweet things that make me weak,
Then you look into my eyes
With your mysterious provocative gaze,
Causing you to touch my skin
To feel the burning of your flames,
Caressing me with a love that is real,
Then you kiss me…
As I feel your wet eager lips
Our hungry tongues indulging in their craving,
To feel the poison…
Of your blood boiling throughout your soul
Sending electrify emotions
Stimulating pure intoxication,
As your hands flows over me;
Touching every curve and every part of me…
It seems I move my legs apart automatically,
As you lift me on the mystical ride
While my body you know I will guide,
Just listen to our song
Making love all night long,
The flames of passion, desire and love
Is taking control over us,
You put your hands in my breast,
As I feel a sensation so exciting,
When you kiss my nipples with your eager lips
Every time you do that,
It gets more and more fulfilling
Let me feel those sensations,
As I feel you deep inside me
Feeling a rage so incredible to resist,
As all I want is to let go
Of all this love I have in store,
You got me twisting…
Soaking wet,
I feel you as you are pausing deep inside me
And then I feel you pull out and pull back in,
I moan from pure delight and ecstasy,
I get the shivers,
Is from the fire lit inside my being
My body is slippery everywhere,
I scream…
Please, harder and harder,
I call out your name…
Crying out in anguished bliss
A slight sigh…
”A gasp for air”
This fire is so immense
So full of energy and heat,
Even water could not quench
This fire inside of me,
Cause your love…
Always will remain
Burning there endlessly,
Cause you make my erotic senses rise,
While you take me higher and higher
Than I have ever been
In the mystical ride of yours,
That I just can’t get enough
Because without you and your love,
There would not be a hot sexual taste in me.

My allergies are very bad this year. I bet the stock went up on Benadryl because I’m gulping them down like Smarties. It’s not so attractive when everything on my nut flairs up. Everything goes blury and itchy like somebody is tickling my face with a feather. My eyes look like two mating blowfish and my nose echos like a croaking moose. Yeah, sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Ha-ha!
Folks, have you ever been browsing on the web and then sneeze? Ugh! It happens without warning. My body jerks forward and the mouse clicks on shite I never mean’t to click on. I have to waste minutes of my time getting back to what I wanted to view. It drives me insane.
The heat and smog doesn’t help matters, either.
This hot weather makes people mean and cranky. OMG! Some people should just stay in air conditioning-if you know what I mean. They get as dim-witted as a paramecium. Honestly, either they’ve been huffing Draino or stuck their tongue in a light socket one too many times.
I’m staying inside away from the pollen, mold and arseholes. At least until the air quality gets better, anyway. (Ha, that’s kind of pun-ny).

Do you suffer from allergies?