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Lost souls

Posted: July 13, 2010 by Marya in Poems
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We are all lost
For we are only human
Wherever we go in life
We will find many paths
The paths will still leave us lost
But they teach us a life lesson
To help us along our life long journey
But the many paths we take in life are unknown
Until we walk them
Sometimes even then they are unknown
But we all still walk those paths
For while learning and observing these paths
One day we might not be lost
Because we have seen and experienced the paths of life
But another generation will come
And we wont be able to tell them about
The many paths of life
For it is better to let them enjoy the paths
And learn that one day they will not be lost
Just as the generation before them
We are all lost
But it seems as though we always find our way
For we are only human