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This was a free write activity my friend and I had done the evening of the 31st… enjoy? I wonder if MAC has more than just a 100 piece eye shadow palette with more color choices than they had available last week. Oh, I bet Urban Decay has a new promotion pack for some primer and stack and a half of lip gloss! I just can’t wear the Smashbox cream powder anymore because it makes my skin break out, but I’ll still recommend it to people who aren’t nearly as savvy as me about cosmetics. Hmmm, should I wear the liquid eye liner today or wait, none; I’ll just wear a boat load of mascara! How many different color eye shadows can I wear at once, maybe four of five? Oh girl, you could totally pull off wearing that black or any dark eye shadow, even bright colors! Let’s see, I have at least 100 different shades of lip color and I still can’t find one that I want to wear. Maybe I’ll just mix a few colors together and slather it on really thick and shiny, after all, I’m ME. Make up is so very important to me; I can’t think of a time that I haven’t worn it. I need the mask to survive in any public place and maybe I’ll catch some looks from potential men.

Ignorant people.. not people who just aren’t smart… this is a huge category.. and for the most part it falls under ego.. if you think you are better than other people.. guess what you probably have problems worse than other people and have to belittle them to make yourself feel better about having a horriable life.. I just laugh at people like you.. and hope you die a miserable death *nod nod*…

Other people I hate.. whores.. there are also many meanings behind this word.. people who think they can use there bodys to get ahead in this world.. you are no better than a 2 dollar hooker on the street corner.. women who only want to date a man in the military.. your just a benifit hungry bitch.. you know what those benifits could cost you your “loved” ones life.. how does that make you feel.. great right.. women who think they are so damn attractive they belittle others.. they have the biggest flaws.. they are the ugliest inside and out.. I belive you should love someone for who they are.. and looks are just icing on the cake if they are there.. if not.. who cares.. love is everlasting.. looks aren’t…

men who cheat.. now this.. yeah I could write FOREVER on.. if you commit yourself to a woman.. and I mean A (singular) woman.. than you are with her.. what are you going to do when you go out screw some tramp and bring home something and give it to your wife.. ever think of that.. so your both going to die of some horrid thing.. and leave your children orphans.. Ohhh and on this subject Women who sleep with married men.. YOU ARE WORTHLESS.. there are vows.. they are sacred… SO BACK OFF.. I will never understand what people get out of that… now if there is a mutual understanding (i.e. swingers) then awsome.. because they BOTH know the risk involved and its something they do to better there relationship.. awsome.. so yeah I am rambling yet again..

ahhh something else I thought of.. people who think drugs make them look cool.. guess what people.. you just look like complete morons who are strung out.. ya know what.. reality is a bigger trip than drugs will ever be.. your just destroying your lives.. but hey.. I am not the one to judge you.. you have to do that yourself..
so yeah I am tired of typing for now.. more to come soon *SMILE*