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We must forgive each other, ourselves, and others for past mistakes that have been made. Forgiveness brings us closer and mends ugly wounds.

I am a good person

Posted: July 10, 2010 by Marya in Poems
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I am a good person
I am a good person this I know
I might make mistakes and say the wrong things
I might not always be able to cope with all that life brings
The only thing I can do is learn and to grow
How to be perfect is something I will never know
But whatever I do I try to do because I care
I will falter and stray this I admit so beware

I am a good person this I know
Smiles and laughter is something I always bring
Seeing people smile is my goal you might say that’s my thing
When I cause sadness and tears I never forgive myself
I remember it everyday I regret it with every breath
I need help sometimes when I can’t see what I do is wrong
But what I have learnt by myself is how to be strong

I am a good person and this I know
I care about a lot and I wish this I could show
Finding how to say sorry is one thing I may never know
I wish I was a better person I wish I knew how
But I can only be me that’s all I can be just right now
I will always try to be a good person this I will never change
Even when everyone else seems to think I am strange

I will always try to be a good person