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Need Help Posting On Blog

Posted: December 7, 2010 by Marya in Help Info

If you need help posting pics-

what you do it go to new post then put in title, then go to the icon that says insert pic then add the url of the pic and hit add image.. then post the image in the blog and click link to none .

Here is a great image hosting site-

If you have trouble picking tags or categories-

on the right hand side is the list of categories to pick from. If yours isn’t there a new one can be made for you just ask.

scroll down the page and u will see tags ( tags are used to put in you search groups so people can find your post on the web ) type in or pick in the most used tags part..

The Smokers Lounge-

on the top right hand side it says visibility click edit and then password protected, you already should know the password if not ask me on Facebook messages ty.

If I forgot something pls feel free to ask….